Driver's Education Training Classes, for adults, young adults, immigrants and Teenagers.  

In-class, Online and

Behind-the-Wheel Training


Young or old, experienced or not every-one can use a little help sometimes.  Those under the age of 17 have to take drivers education if they want to drive. Those over 17 still need to learn everything they can about the rules and safety.  


At All About Safe Driving we have different programs to fit your needs and your budget.


For more information contact us at       (208) 392-7305 or send us a message (next column) or text us.








Why take drivers education online program.


1. Easy Sign-Up

Signing up is easy and there are no hidden fees (we don't like bad surprises either).


2. One Easy Payment

You can register, pay and start the same day.


3. Convenient and Accessible

Log in, log out, go hang out with your friends. Our quality course works around your life.


4. Get Everything You Need

You'll learn the most up-to-date safe driving skills and the rules of the road so you can pass your permit test and be driving in no time! With a instruction permit you can start driving at 33% completion of the online part of the program.


5. Help—When You Need It

We're here to answer your questions 24/7—that means any time, any day. We know what we're talking about and we're friendly.




6. Highly Accredited Program

In addition to having the most state-approved courses in the nation, this program is also a BBB member and part of the International Association for Driver Education. The only driving program in the nation that is both approved by the Road Safety Educators' Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas.


7. An Experienced, All-Star Team

This team is made up of drivers ed professionals with over thirty years of teaching experience.


8. Top-Notch Security

Privacy and security is very important to all of  us, your protected with the toughest technology out there, and your information we'll never be shared with anyone. 


9. It's Fun So You Learn Better

We want you to like what you purchase. So we let you start as soon as we get your payment and we send you a code. 


10. Over 6 Million Students and Counting...

Over 6 million students have used this program which is the largest in the nation—which definitely says something.


Private driving lessons          $65.00/hour  

Driving only (6hrs)                 $325.00          

Online class with driving       $350.00