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Idaho Online Drivers Education (IODE) This online drivers education program is a combination of computer technology with the help of a mentor and instructor.  This drivers ed. program has some graded homework as well as outside observation.


To begin this drivers education course each student driver must register, go to the register now button, on the menu line, to begin this process.  If you have not been contacted within 2 working days, check your spam and if not there then contact All About Safe Driving 


Each student must also go to the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) and apply for an instruction permit.  For direction to the local DMV and a list of documents needed to apply go to the FAQ button.  Once you have acquired your drivers instruction permit, instruct the DMV to place your driving permit in the All About Safe Driving file. 


The individualized drives in this program start when the student completes 50% course work, 2nd drive at 75% and at 100% both 3rd and 4th drives. IODE you will receive an invitation. If you have not received an invitation within 48 hours, check with your spam first and then call (208)392-7305.


Step #5:  Have fun!


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and 6 Hrs. Driving